Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Now what?

So I hit my one million goal mark, now what?! I gave away a Vial of Sands to my co-council that helped me immensely reach that mark with his Enchanting market skills. I plan on giving away another Vial of Sands to a lucky lottery winner in my guild. But what now?

I guess I will continue with my "daily" approach of checking my AH toons, scanning the AH, restocking to minimum levels, running all of my JC dailies, and alchemy CDs. Running the FL dailies on 3 toons that will benefit from the crafting recipies. But as I look forward, what's the next "big thing"?

I guess I see a few things
* Epic patterns from FL dailies and FL raids will become more widely available. I already have been able to snag 2 such recipes below my 5k mark that I've limited myself to. I will need to set up notifications for these recipes in TUJ. I will also want to keep a track of the prices of Living Ember, already several on one faction available around 10k. Which in my opinion is too high. You would need to be able to consistently sell the crafted item at or above 50k to break even. And with the items in the FL raids being at or above par to these I don't see that being a sustainable price point.

* Epic gems coming? It's sure to come, maybe no the next path, but soon after? Will my stockpiles of Pyrite payoff? Will they introduce a new ore? I will continue to stock up on these when they become cheap.

* I will continue to keep a close eye on prices of items such as Truegold, Volatiles, Ore, etc.

* I will keep a close eye out on future patch notes to see further opportunities

Let's see how long it takes for me to hit 2 million :-D

Monday, July 11, 2011

DING! One Million and counting

A few weeks later than I had originally projected, but over the weekend I was able to get my total wealth over the One Million Gold mark.

Here are the figures as of 7/11/11

Ez Does WoW GB $250,000.00
Lijumon $16,997.46
Consoritum GB $250,000.00
Troom $27,926.39
Syndicated GB $200,000.00
Amelmara $39,489.46
Ezraiel $10,685.57
Ezknite $10,075.60
Eznun $10,086.99
Ezshammy $10,299.12
Ezranger $10,000.24
Ezwar $10,030.84
Ezkitty $10,000.53
Ezninja $10,001.15
Ezlocke $10,000.36
Ezmagi $10,085.71
Alliance Total $885,679.42
Creepy Nightmares GB $50,000.00
Yakubank $47,240.70
Leiarze $41,571.54
Yakuranger $999.46
Yakuzå $1,000.00
Yakuior $999.66
Yakutotem $999.05
Yakuid $999.89
Horde Total $143,810.30
Grand Total  $1,029,489.72

A few screenshots of these numbers
Syndicated Guild Bank

Consortium Guild Bank

Creepy Nightmares Guild Bank

EzDoesWow Guild Bank

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

My "stockpile" will disappear when the patch drops today!

15    Resiliant Parchment
33    Ink of the Sea
1    Snowfall Ink

114    Inferno Ink
6    Silver charm Bracelet
6    Preserver Ogre Eye
6    Bleached Jawbone

642    Elementium Bars
8    Hardened Elementium Bars
30    Pyrium Bars

24    Jeweler's Setting
36    Ocean Sapphire
36    Amber Jewel
36    Inferno Ruby

1194    Heavy SL
55    Pristine Hide

504    Bolt of ES

364    Volatile Life
787    Volatile Water
351    Volatile Earth
933    Volatile Fire
154    Volatile Air

 This list you see above is what it will take me to a) get all the patterns readily available without strating the Firelands dailies b) craft at a minimum of 3 sets of gear

This list covers
1. Inscription : Learning and crafting 10 of the new glyph Glyph of Unleashed Lightning, and crafting 6 of each of the new pvp relics
2. BS : Learning and crafting 3 of the new Bloodthirsty Pyrium Set and Bloodthirsty Ornate Set
3. JC: crafting 4 of each of the six new ring and necks available
4. LW : Learning and crafting 10 of the new Leg Armor enchants, crafting 8 of the new scribes bag (4 for personal use), crafting 5 of the new mining bags, learning and crafting 3 of each of the four new pvp sets for leather and mail wearing classes, and 3 of the two new cloaks.
5) Tailoring: learning and crafting 3 sets of the two new pvp sets.

This set does not include any of the new epic patterns that would be reached once the vendors in firelands are available to you. Guess I will need to start sniping up cheap mats again.

 Now my new order of business is to figure out a good price point for each of these items based on both what I bought the mats at and what the mat prices will be after the patch hits.

Good luck all. Please share your findings!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

4.2 in a week?

Seems like patch should hit next week.
 If you haven't started prepping, now is the time.

Take a look at the MMO list that was created for the new 4.2 craftables to get a good idea of what to start buying on the cheap

No real surprises, Volatile Fire and Water seems to be the main with earth and life close behind.

LW needs tons of Pristine hide. See my previous post on how to buy up cheaper scraps and leather to get those pristines at much lower costs.

BS need tons of Elementium bars and hardened, you will be in competition with the JCs that will probably try to buy them up for prospecting and hoping for future epic gems.

Alchemists start doing your Truegold CDs (if you for some reason stopped)

Inscriptionists get ready to do another Northrend Research to get the latest Shaman glyph (Glyph of Unleashed Lightning) seems to be a really nice one that I will be using on my elemental Shammy.

Tailors either start stockpiling Dreamcloth again for the new items.

Enchanters looks like you should start crafting a ton of glove and feet enchants. Since thats what the majority of the new craftables fall under.

Good luck, and get ready while you can!!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Dealer Rashaad : Exotic Creatures - Worth the trip

If you happen to be leveling out in Outland, make a trip to Stormspire in Netherstorm and visit  Dealer Rashaad

This guy has a great selection of pets, see list below. And since most people tend to be lazy. These are great pets to flip back out in the AH for a tidy profit. All the pets range in cost from 40s to 40g (pre-discounts) and can easily be sold from 10g to as much as 300g.
Blue Dragonhawk Hatchling
Brown Rabbit Crate
Cat Carrier (Siamese)
Crimson Snake
Mana Wyrmling
Parrot Cage (Senegal)
Red Moth Egg

while there also take a look at some of the other vendors and buy up some of the BOE recipies that also sell really well

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Breanni : Finding homes for the lost pets of Dalaran

With the new pet achievements coming out, dont forget to visit Breanni in the Dalaran pet shop, he sell 3 pets Albino Snake, Obsidian Hatchling and Calico Cat . With proper discounts you can attain these pets for ~35g (50g if you have not discounts). These can then easily be flipped for upwards of 100g +. I've sold some as high as 500g.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The Undermine Journal : just amazing!

The Undermine Journal is just an amazing site. It is THE source for AH data and statistics. Every US Server (Alliance, Horde and Neutral) is available.

"The Undermine Journal reads most of a realm's Auction House data about once every hour. This fine and consistent granularity of data provides statistical information that was previously impossible or impractical to obtain.

Data is collected for every item on the auction house, except for randomly-enchanted weapons and armor.

The Undermine Journal covers US realms only."
Once you select a server, the main sections of the site are the Main Page, Hot Items, Top Sellers, Enhancements, Consumables, and Site.

Main Page: This page allows you to either search for specific items, see blizzard status updates, or read some of the major blogs in the world of gold making.

Hot Items:  track some of the trending items in the AH, still haven't quite figured out what actually makes this page other them really expensive items or ones where a ton of the same item was recently posted into the AH.

Top Sellers: This page tracks your "top" sellers. So far I've concluded this is where you can see the toons that have the most active current auctions. This is not necessarily a monetary glance, but more about volume.

Enhancements: This page allow you to look at the crafting professions including Tailoring, Leatherworking, Blacksmithing, Darkmoon, Jewelcrafting, Enchanting, and Inscription. The pages here track the current raw materials for each of these professions as well as the current rare and epic craftables. I will so into more about these pages in future posts.

Consumables: Takes a look at your other professions as well as raw materials. This is broken into Cooking, Alchemy, Engineering, Elementals, Herbalism, Mining, and Skinning.

Site: Here you will find a link to some site specific features such as XML API, WoW Addon, Contact information, and donation links.

You can and should subscribe to this site. Once you register you have the ability to create Market Notifications. I will cover more on this topic in a future blog.

The site does a wonderful job on tracking statistics such as available quantity, market price, chnages, mean, and standard deviation, cost to place in the AH, and price to sell to vendor. It also tracks recent sellers, recent sales, and current auctions.

When looking at sellers, it provides data such as auctions per hour, activity heat map, sold volume heat map, posts by class, sold items, and current items