Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Now what?

So I hit my one million goal mark, now what?! I gave away a Vial of Sands to my co-council that helped me immensely reach that mark with his Enchanting market skills. I plan on giving away another Vial of Sands to a lucky lottery winner in my guild. But what now?

I guess I will continue with my "daily" approach of checking my AH toons, scanning the AH, restocking to minimum levels, running all of my JC dailies, and alchemy CDs. Running the FL dailies on 3 toons that will benefit from the crafting recipies. But as I look forward, what's the next "big thing"?

I guess I see a few things
* Epic patterns from FL dailies and FL raids will become more widely available. I already have been able to snag 2 such recipes below my 5k mark that I've limited myself to. I will need to set up notifications for these recipes in TUJ. I will also want to keep a track of the prices of Living Ember, already several on one faction available around 10k. Which in my opinion is too high. You would need to be able to consistently sell the crafted item at or above 50k to break even. And with the items in the FL raids being at or above par to these I don't see that being a sustainable price point.

* Epic gems coming? It's sure to come, maybe no the next path, but soon after? Will my stockpiles of Pyrite payoff? Will they introduce a new ore? I will continue to stock up on these when they become cheap.

* I will continue to keep a close eye on prices of items such as Truegold, Volatiles, Ore, etc.

* I will keep a close eye out on future patch notes to see further opportunities

Let's see how long it takes for me to hit 2 million :-D

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